Riding on the horses

A HORSE lover has triumphed over a single naysayer in gaining permission to keep her three equine companions on a town block at Mount Barker.

Lise Holst recently applied to keep three horses at her 2.7ha property on Mondurup Street on the fringe of the Mt Barker town site.

Ms Holst gained written support from four adjacent landholders, paid a $147 application fee to the Shire of Plantagenet, and after a 21-day consultation period one person objected.

Mt Barker horses
Seb (14), Ms Holst on rescue horse Lilla (14), and Picolo (7) also a rescue horse. Photo: Chris Thomson

“Two of the horses are rescue horses,” she told The Voice of the South.

“I do ride two of them and take them out with the Albany Natural Trail Riders and do a lot of freestyle training, trick training and stuff like that.”

An area of 1.97ha of Ms Holst’s block is reserved for exclusive use of her horses. The property’s boundary is fenced and the horse paddock is located well beyond the minimum 30 metres required from any dwelling.

“My horses are my life,” Ms Holst said.

“I just love them.”

At a recent Shire of Plantagenet meeting, Councillor Sue Etherington moved and Cr Jeff Moir seconded that Ms Holst be allowed to keep her horses on site. After some debate, Cr Etherington’s motion was unanimously carried.

“I was so relieved,” Ms Holst said.

“The horses would have had to be agisted and I haven’t got the money to do that.

“I would have to somehow get the money, and would have to put my house up for sale and live in a shed.”

She said her horses were like her “babies” now her children had left home.

“If you rescue a horse, you are totally, 100 per cent responsible for the welfare of that animal, and you have to make their life better than it was, and better than if they were dead – because that was the other option, unfortunately,” she said.

“Nobody would have taken them, because Seb has a wasted shoulder, and Lilla has emotional problems.

“You wouldn’t know it, because she’s so trusting – she needs a special approach.”

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