Bin brother is watching

RECYCLING and general-waste bins in Denmark, Plantagenet and Albany will be tagged with happy or sad emojis from this week after council inspectors take a peek inside.

Under the auspices of the latest alliance to hit the Lower Great Southern – the South Coast Waste Alliance – visual assessments will be undertaken of the contents of householders’ general waste and recycling bins across the three municipalities.

A happy face tag will be attached to bins when correct items are observed, and a sad face tag when there is room for improvement.

City of Albany Waste Project Officer Julie Passmore said the south coast community was enthusiastic about recycling and reducing waste, but everyone could use a reminder about what to put in each bin.

“The bin tagging program gives residents direct feedback about what to put where to help us recycle more and waste less,” she said.

“Simple things like keeping soft plastic wrapping and garden hoses out of recycling bins, and always recycling aluminium cans, ensure our system is efficient and helps save valuable resources from going to landfill.”

The happy bin/sad bin program was initially trialled in the Perth municipalities of Kwinana, Joondalup and Cambridge.

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