Bird group is flying high

By Jesz Fleming

THE Denmark Bird Group is currently consolidating work that has been carried out by members over many years.

The Denmark-based group of bird enthusiasts enjoy walking and looking at the amazing birdlife that Denmark has to offer. Birds in the backyard are what most people enjoy, but around Wilson Inlet you can see migratory birds that call Denmark home.

One of these, the Bar-tailed godwit, makes an annual 20,000km round trip to the Arctic where it breeds, and then returns to feed on the inlet mudflats.

Wilson Inlet has up to 70 species of waterbirds, shorebirds and raptors, numbering up to 10,000 individual birds at any given time.

The incredible array is due to the varied habitat – coastal, bush, forest and wetlands – all within a few kilometres of the Denmark township. Add to that the national parks abutting our incredible coastline and you have world-class birdwatching.

The Denmark Bird Group is supported by Birdlife Australia, the prime international organisation, and affiliated with the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee and the Denmark Environment Centre. These affiliations help to sustain the group’s current focus, which is to create a bird sanctuary near Prawn Rock Channel, to provide support for the 21 species of migratory shorebirds that call Wilson Inlet home.

The Group will hold a one-day “All About Birds” seminar on October 12, where you can learn about Denmark’s birds and how to make the most of a world-class viewing centre.

Pop the date into your diary, and keep an eye open for more information to follow as the date approaches.

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