Bandstand alternative

By Craig Chappelle

A photomontage showing the style of building suggested by Cr Whooley, at the eastern end of the park.

THE idea of a covered outdoor performance space at the Kwoorabup Community Park, as an alternative to renovating the John Clarke Memorial bandstand, has garnered early support online from the Denmark community.

The cost of restoring the old facility opposite Berridge Park has been estimated at $100,000 and was scuttled by Denmark Shire Council last week, when it voted to demolish the structure.

Opinions are divided over the bandstand’s historical significance, its location, its relevance 60 years after it was built, and if it would ever be used.

Shire councillor Rob Whooley said that the issue was causing a lot of community debate. “After seeking comment from interested parties, Council was no closer to resolving the issue, so it has initiated a second round of comments from a wider group,” he said.

“I thought we should look at another option, rather than risk dividing the community or going around in circles.”

Cr Whooley superimposed a bandshell design from a town in New Zealand onto a photograph of the Kwoorabup parkland, and posted it on social media last Friday night and it quickly gained traction.

The suggested location is a shallow depression at the eastern end of the park, where a feature pond was originally proposed.

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