Turning on the tap

By Craig Chappelle

Maxine (Isabelle Crispin), Geoffrey (Torben Ramrath) and Rose (Cath Pegrum) prepare to rehearse their routine.

HAVE you ever dreamed of being able to do a sophisticated soft-shoe shuffle?

Seven women and one man decide to conquer their inhibitions and two left feet by learning to tap dance at a seedy inner-city church hall dance studio.

Retired professional dancer Mavis tries to teach the bumbling amateurs some technique, but between pacifying the pianist and placating the bickering students, she finds it near-impossible to impart her skills.

Will her students finally triumph on opening night?

The tragi-comedy Stepping Out, written by Richard Harris and directed by Dana Douglas, is Denmark Village Theatre’s 2019 Winter Warmer production at the Denmark Civic Centre.

Douglas was co-director of a successful Tasmanian production of Stepping Out some time ago, and through her connections dance costumes, hats and shoes for the Denmark production have been lent to DVT by Sparklers Tap Troupe in Swansea, Tasmania.

The cast also received valuable assistance from local dance teacher Nari Lees, who showed them the fundamentals of tap and worked on the show’s dance routines.

There will be five performances of Stepping Out, beginning at 7pm tonight

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