Country club ‘coup’

By Karen Buck

THE recent thwarted bid to oust the Denmark Country Club management committee was nothing more than a coup d’état staged by a small group of members attempting to wrest control according to one long-serving member.

Seventy eight-year-old Paul Nelson, a Denmark Country Club member of almost 30 years, said he’s not against anybody working their way onto the management committee. “But this was simply a coup d’état staged by those who simply want to be in charge,” he said. “I’m not against anybody doing the hard yards and coming in and having some good ideas.” “In fact, I wish we could get more people to serve on committees so we don’t always have to fall back on those who are already there.” Mr Nelson said the club had a number of new members who had joined over the past four to five years. “I dare say some of them have no idea of the traditions and the history and the real way that the club works… and all the little things that go on about the club.” he said. “They also don’t have a keen idea of the nuances of the constitution and so on. They have not really done the hard yards of keeping this club going, but they think they know what is best for us all.”

Mr Nelson, who said he was often called on to act as an arbiter in various club disputes, admitted that the management committee had done a few minor things since April ‘irregularly’, but it had moved very quickly to correct those issues. “They had rectified those things well before the petition calling for the special general meeting and the attempt to get rid of them,” he said. Mr Nelson agreed the club was troubled at the moment but said most members were doing their ‘damnedest’ to solve the issues.

“I ask these people what exactly do they want to see done differently, or not done, what they want to do that will make things better, but they can’t put forward any plan other than they just want to run things,” he said.
Mr Nelson claimed the club was running well at the moment in that the management committee was working to budget, cutting back on any frivolous expenditure, and had run three successful championship events so far this year.

“If someone puts forward derogatory statements about the club saying that the management committee is now going to be watched, and we’re going to make sure that they do the right thing… if somebody does this, it may be possible to bring them before the committee and see if they want to continue their membership.”

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