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Denmark women dominate soccer

By Katy Rutter

DENMARK has been the undeniable champion in women’s soccer in the Great Southern since its inception in 2013. Prior to this, women in Denmark were forced to play for Albany, Mount Barker, or Denmark’s men’s team if they wanted a kick.

As an unknown quantity, the Great Southern Soccer Association insisted that Denmark start it’s first women’s team in B division, despite having many talented youngsters coming up from junior ranks. Denmark went through that season undefeated, and continued their success the following season when they were promoted into the A division, winning the Cup both seasons as well. Denmark went from strength to strength with numbers increasing, resulting in the introduction of a B division team in 2015. This increased to two B division teams the following year.

In 2016 the A division team also sought out more competition in the form of the Perth Metropolitan Cup. The team travelled to Perth to compete five times as they progressed through the rounds and even claimed a win against division one side Melville City in the quarter finals. This was on top of competing in the local competition where they lost only one game for the season. However, the travel did take a toll with Denmark losing the Cup final 5-3 to Caledonians. This was the only year that Denmark A division did not win the A division cup, but to make up for it, the B division teams both made it to the final making Denmark the sure winner.That same year Denmark won the A division and B division leagues, with the other B division team placing third.

To top that off, in 2017 Denmark Women took out both A and B division cups, and the A division team went undefeated
throughout the season once again. In 2018 the A division team lost only one game for the season, and again took out the Cup, and are so far undefeated in the 2019 season.

This begs the question where to from here? With numbers still on the increase perhaps Denmark can grow to accommodate a fourth team and field two teams in the Premier division. There is every chance with so many strong youngsters coming through the ranks and many older women taking up soccer for the first time.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, Denmark women look set to continue dominating soccer in the Great Southern.

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