Duck down to the shop for bread

By Craig Chappelle

DENMARK shoppers – especially those buying bread – have recently become the unwitting victims of fowl play.

During the past few weeks, a pair of ducks of no fixed abode have been accosting shoppers at Denmark’s IGA Express, looking for a handout. The tame drake and his lady love are presumed to be domestic escapees, because they are friendly and clearly used to being fed by hand. The pair seem disinclined to join the wild ducks which frequent the riverbank opposite the supermarket.

Mr and Mrs Muscovy escorted shopper Sarah Bondini a short way along the footpath when they spotted her bread purchase.

Wild Pacific Black ducks sometimes hold up traffic on Horsley Road in late spring, when they shepherd their new ducklings to and from Hospital creek, but the two easygoing supermarket junkies are providing an altogether new shopping experience.
IGA Xpress owners Anton and Marianne Perak said the ducks were both entertaining and the subject of some deep discussions about species, ownership and from whence they came.

“They’re often at the front door when we open at 7am,” Mr Perak said. “They even come inside sometimes, when I’m not looking.” “Of course, I shoo them out, but they hang around outside, waiting for the first customers to turn up.” The ducks have also been seen visiting Ravens. The big question is: waddle they do next?

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