Art exhibition takes on human form

AN EXHIBITION of art celebrating the human form is on show at Denmark’s Butter Factory Studios until September 12.

‘Life Lines’ showcases work by 11 established and emerging artists who attend regular life drawing sessions at Jen Mitchell’s Denmark studio.

The exhibition features works by Robyn Lees, Annie Nutter, Genesis Gutierrez, Ruth Halbert, Jasmine Heslop, Victoria Castiglione, Marie Kerr, Kerrie Wakefield, Suzie Kettle, Jessie Gloede and Jen Mitchell.

The women form a permutation of the Bodyliners group which has been running off and on in Denmark for 13 years.

“We have a wonderful time creating together, so it is a real joy to bring our work to a larger audience,” Jen said.

Accomplished figurative artist Robyn Lees has been involved from the beginning and still guides the group.

Robyn is passionate about the importance of life drawing to artistic practice.

“Drawing and mark-making is at the root of all visual communication, predating written language and having an important role in the development of art throughout history,” she said.

The group welcomes creative people at all levels of ability, from beginners to established artists.

“Our mantra is that it’s the process, not the product that counts, and we aim to give people a chance to create for the simple joy of creating,” Jen said.

The exhibition’s official opening will be at 10.30am this Sunday, August 18, and will include light refreshments and champagne.

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