Remembering the ordinary things

By Karen Buck

IT’S often the small, everyday things that trigger the sad memories of loved ones who have died.

You’ve probably had it happen – you stumble across that favourite cup, or those old reading glasses, or a silly little trinket, something that you just can’t get rid of and you’re flooded with remembering and a wistful, soft sort of grief.

If you’ve got a story like this, you’ll understand exactly the idea behind a moving exhibition which was launched at the Community Resource Centre last week on Dying to Know Day.

The exhibition, In Memory of Ordinary Things, features pictures of 55 such ordinary things, many from local Denmarkians, and in 125 words or less tells the story of that object and the people to whom it is so precious.

Curator of the exhibition, Denmark Shire council development officer Claudia Simpson said the aim of the exhibition was to help provoke conversations about death and dying.

“These sorts of events and the conversations they bring on can often help people in their grieving process – especially those who may not have support,” she said.

The exhibition is now changing venues and will be housed at the Denmark library during September.

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