Extinction Rebellion Denmark

THE FEW Denmarkians who made the trip to Perth for the launch of Extinction Rebellion on August 15 have been inspired to start a local group.

They and a few other locals disillusioned by the lack of action by governments met for the first time on September 8.

Denmark/Koorabup Extinction Rebellion group. PHOTO: ANGELA TILLER

Jennifer and Myles Mitchell have made their home available for weekly Sunday meetings to discuss ideas and actions.

Extinction Rebellion is a worldwide network that aims to promote a fundamental change in political and economic systems, to minimise harm and maximise wellbeing.

The Koorabup/Denmark group will follow the network’s ten guiding principles and values, two of which are having a shared vision of change, and using non-violent strategies and tactics to achieve it.

Further information about the local group can be found on Facebook @ausrebellionWA or by phoning 9848 2343.

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