Movement ban will hit key farming periods

The State government has been accused of being out of touch with modern farming practices and wanting to bring the agricultural industry to a standstill during the busy times of seeding and harvesting.

The WA Nationals member for Roe, Peter Rundle, said that the recently released Restricted Access Vehicle Code (RAVC) for agricultural machinery imposed bans during popular holiday periods.

“These restrictions will essentially ban the movement of large vehicles for up to six days at Easter and up to 11 days from December 23 to January 4,” Mr Rundle said.

“The Easter ban prohibits agricultural machinery movement on all roads within Western Australia, and the Christmas ban prevents movement on almost every highway in the State.”

The McGowan government was out of touch with the agricultural sector and modern farming practices, which could stretch across multiple properties, separated by local roads and highways, Mr Rundle said.

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