Candidate talkfest all light and love

By Craig Chappelle

A DIVERSITY of council hopefuls evoked a diversity of mostly positive reactions at a Meet the Candidates event organised by the Denmark Ratepayers and Residents Association at the CRC on September 18.

Eleven of the 14 candidates vying for six council positions in this year’s local government elections turned up, along with about 50 voters.

DRRA president Beverley Ford gave each candidate three minutes to present their manifesto, followed by five minutes of questions from the floor.

What marked the gathering as unusual is not that it comprised largely predictable stump-speeches but the quiet, respectful way that each speaker was received, heard and questioned.

No-one was heckled, no voices were raised, no tempers flared and no-one stormed out, despite one or two candidates making observations that subverted the dominant paradigm.

All in all, a two-and-a-half hour low-key event succeeded in delivering some useful information and some insights into the people who aspire to lead us, all without a shot being fired in anger.

But the one and only ‘known known’ that went home in the rain with those who partook is that, in a month or so, most of these good people will have their balloons burst – which is probably what prompted a closing and genuinely felt comment from the floor, “Can we elect them all?!”

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