Village idiot wanted!

NEXT January, Denmark Village Theatre will put on its 33rd annual pantomime production, with Sleeping Beauty – the Panto Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairytale that goes back many hundreds of years, but has been modernised, politicised, humourised and generally muckedabout-with by local wordsmith, theatre tragic and DVT president Ken Smith – and by the way, it’s not the first time he’s written a jolly, cavorting panto.

You know the old story – beautiful princess; vengeful aka ugly fairy casts a spell to make princess sleep for 100 years; king and queen get all hot and bothered; handsome prince comes along and does the kissy kissy thing; all live happily ever after; the end.

Well that’s how it used to go, before Ken inserted a village idiot, a dragon, a prince of dubious credibility and a few other radical elements, to turn a hohum if beautiful love story into a fully sick gigglefest.

Would you like to be part of that?

Take a butcher’s at our ad on this page, or go to our Facebook page DenmarkVillageTheatre/ for more details.

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