Birds of a feather will flock together

INTEREST in the Denmark Bird Group’s ‘Discover the Birds of Denmark and Beyond’ event next Saturday has been so strong that it was booked out by people eager to participate more than a week ago.

DBG convenor Brad Kneebone said that the high level of interest indicated that people not only appreciated birds but wanted to improve their knowledge at a time when birds were under threat from a drying climate, serious bushfires, declining food sources and habitat loss.

A group of Great Knots at Wilson inlet. PHOTO JOHN ANDERSON

The event will include presentations from Birdlife WA and Conservation Council of WA experts on a range of avian categories, such as seabirds, wetland birds and passerines or ‘bushbirds’, with the purpose of identifying them and learning about their ecology.

The event’s other major aim is to send participants home knowing how they can contribute to the conservation and welfare of birds.

The group will also launch its ‘Birds of Denmark’ brochure and promote membership of the organisation, which is free and open to anyone interested in birds.

Enquiries can be made to 0419 951 990 or 9845 2233.

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