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Three agencies cooperate to save tourist

THE recent Queens Birthday long weekend saw some drama on our coastline that demonstrated the professional and cooperative way that our first-responders do their jobs.

A 29-year-old tourist from Perth decided to explore the coastline at Elephant Rocks late one afternoon when the light was fading.

He slipped and fell, injuring his leg and stranding him close to the water’s edge, unable to move.

His partner called 000 and a team from St John Ambulance attended the incident.

Local volunteers working together at the accident scene.

With the sun quickly setting, and knowing the difficult nature of the terrain and often treacherous sea conditions, the experienced ambos decided that they needed a hand and called the SES and FESA.

Members from the three volunteer agencies worked into the night to extract the man, who was transported by ambulance to Denmark hospital in a stable condition.

Emergency service groups emphasise the dangerous nature of the coastline.

In this instance their experience and commitment prevented the situation from becoming more serious, but they urge people to take care and use common sense when exploring unfamiliar surroundings.

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