Assistance sought in fatal crash investigation

THE police major accident unit is calling on anyone who may have information that could assist its investigation into a fatal traffic accident on South Coast highway near Lights road on Friday September 27.

Denmark resident Gwen Reiter was killed when her car swerved off the highway near a section of road undergoing repair.

Following the fatality several local residents reported that their cars had skidded on the gravel surface of that section of highway on the day before and on the day of the accident.

Main Roads regional manager Andrew Duffield denied there was any problem with the roadworks.

A standard 80km per hour sign had been placed on either side of the works, and he was unaware of any issues, he said.

When asked why Main Roads had worked through the night of the fatality to repair the section of road in question, Mr Duffield explained that it was standard practice to do so in the event of any major accident.

“Main Roads work with police to clear roads of any accident debris and sweep the road afterwards,” he said.

Local residents noted that the road was in a much more stable condition after the night works.

Anyone having information which might help police enquiries is asked to phone crash investigator Rachel Librizzi on 6274 8633.

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