Final pieces added to the IPRF jigsaw

By Craig Chappelle

AT ITS meeting on October 15 the Denmark Shire council unanimously adopted a Strategic Asset Management Plan and a Workforce Plan and People Strategy.

The two documents are the final pieces in the complicated jigsaw that is the muchanticipated Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF), which forms the backbone of council’s strategic planning, management and operations into the future.

It is the first time in the shire’s history that such a comprehensive undertaking has occurred, despite IPRFs becoming standard among local governments since the early 2000s.

The work has taken the best part of three years – virtually the entire incumbency of former CEO Bill Parker, who initiated and drove the program to bring us into line with legislated requirements for all local governments in WA.

As a result of not having an IPRF the shire was placed on an official watchlist in 2016 when it could not meet certain reporting criteria required by the Department of Local Government.

The situation was compounded by multiple resignations from council in 2015-16, forcing by-elections at considerable expense and inconvenience to ratepayers, and brought council close to being dismissed and commissioners brought in.

The full suite of documents making up the IPRF are
• the Strategic Community Plan
• the Corporate Business Plan
• the Workforce Plan
• the Asset Management Plan, and
• the Long Term Financial Plan.

Each document will be regularly reviewed and updated as required by circumstances at the time and to incorporate foreseeable forward changes.

One immediate result of the IPRF being completed is that the shire is likely to be removed from the government watchlist.

Footnote: of the councillors who resigned in 2015-16, Roger Seeney stood in 2017 and was elected, while Belinda Roland and Kellie Gilles stood for election this year, and were soundly defeated.

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