People, place and partnerships

By Petra Thompson

SO much to learn, so much to change!

A week of professional development for four staff members of the Denmark Community Resource Centre (CRC) began with a two-day workshop in participatory community building, facilitated by Dee Brooks and Michelle Dunscombe from the Jeder Institute.

We learned many different facilitation tools – among them asset mapping, bumping places, appreciative enquiry, SOAR analysis, designing powerful questions, collective story harvest, circle practice – all great tools for strategy planning or in everyday meetings.

The workshop was highly engaging, fun and very much hands-on.

All meetings can be fun and engaging, and if you would like to know how with your organisation, we will run a taster workshop with Dee on Thursday November 14, at the CRC – details to follow in ‘The Guide’.

The workshop was followed by the annual Linkwest conference, under this year’s theme ‘People, Place, Partnership’.

We were given an insight into the meaning and progress of ‘community-led’ across the Tasman, by Megan Courtney from Inspiring Communities New Zealand.

Busselton’s Milligan Community Learning and Resource Centre is another great example of a community organisation which has embraced a new approach to better serving the needs of its community.

We are back with bucketloads of new and different ideas, and the challenge is where to start and how to bring it all together.

Anyone interested in discussing what community-led could mean for Denmark please come and have a chat with us.

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