About voiceofthesouth.com.au

The Voice of the South newspaper and voiceofthesouth.com.au are inspired by a desire to provide an impartial, fair, lively, original and engaging news service for Denmark, Plantagenet and elsewhere in the south of Western Australia.

The name of our news service reflects not a desire to be the voice of the Great Southern, but an ambition to help articulate the wide diversity of voices that make up and mould our region’s communities.

One such voice is the distinctive one of our front-page mascot, the motorbike frog, a well-known local of the State’s south.

This website is about people and place; how people together create places and how places so created have a big affect on people.

In the Great Southern, we have some great characters and some great places. The region is made up of people from all walks of life. It is the experiences and thoughts of the widest range of Great Southerners that our news service wants to help express; not just the voices of people whose views have long been aired the most.

The Voice of the South and voiceofthesouth.com.au are home-grown and locally owned.

Delivered to homes, cafes and newsagents in Denmark and Plantagenet shires, and newsagents in Albany.

Managing Director
Beverley Ford 

Senior Journalist
Anthony Probert

Icon Illustrations

4500 copies delivered

Printed on 100% recycled paper
Published by by Gnomedia Pty Ltd